Top 10 Best Platforms to Sell Your Products Online

Top 10 Best Platforms to Sell Your Products Online
Top 10 Best Platforms to Sell Your Products Online

In 2040, experts predict that around 95 percent of transactions in commerce will be done on the internet.

With this knowledge with this in mind, it’s obvious that now is the best moment for businesses of all types and sizes, including business-to-consumer (or B2C) and business-to-business (or B2B) to offer their products online. If they’re selling on the internet as an alternative to or in lieu of a brick-and mortar store, an online platform is crucial for the survival of businesses over time.

Are you unsure where to start? Here are 10 of the most effective eCommerce platforms that you can use to sell your goods online. If you’re B2B or a B2C company There are many options which to choose.

B2C vs B2B Online Sales Channels

Before investigating specific markets it is helpful to have a good understanding of the differences in B2B and B2C online selling channels.

When people think of selling their products online, they usually think of B2C marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay. What they may not think about is that these well-known platforms also offer B2B options for those who market their products to business owners who are not. There are also a variety of B2B platform that are geared to business in the B2B world.

In both cases there are a few key differences between B2B as well as B2C channels of sales. Both channels connect buyers to multiple sellers, and offer buyers the chance to evaluate items in one place. When using B2B marketplaces, there are certain features B2B businesses will likely require for example:

  • Bulk order options
  • Options for editing purchase orders
  • Discounts on orders in huge quantities
  • Pricing is determined by the the customer

Through B2B Marketplaces, it’s easy to create the capability to accept different payment methods (schedule payments or bank transfers, for example. ).

If you’re the owner of an B2B firm there are benefits of using a marketplace specifically for B2B. As with B2C channels, these aid to reduce the initial cost as well as being simple to set up and give you access to audiences would not have been able to reach otherwise. They’re also tailored to your specific needs they let you maximize the benefits using the channel.

Top 10 Platforms to Sell Your Products Online

For both B2C as well as B2B firms There’s no shortage of selling platforms. Here are the top 13 ones to take into consideration:

1. Wix

WIX - Sell Your Products Online
WIX – Sell Your Products Online

Literally , hundreds of millions of small-business owners from all over the world utilize Wix to build their ideal site builder. In actual fact, Wix has over 180M registered users around the world which makes it the biggest and most well-known website building platform on the planet. Due to its ease of use and user-friendly drag and drop capabilities it is a appealing option for the majority of users. This is particularly applicable to entrepreneurs with less technical skills who wish to create a beautiful web site that is highly efficient without the need to outsource the task to a third party.

Beyond the web, Wix also allows users to set up an online shop of their own. Their store builder online is among the few platforms that lets you personalize each aspect of your site with 500 templates to pick from, as well as professional tools included.

As with the building of websites, Wix ecommerce is simple and easy to use. Drag and drop is the best way to build your store that matches your brand’s image and makes it easy for shoppers on the internet to navigate. It includes a variety of design tools and features and direct links to dropshipping services like Modalyst as well as Printful.

Wix is perhaps the most comprehensive choice for businesses who want to sell their products online. With this in mind you might find that its e-commerce capabilities are ideal for medium and small-sized businesses. For those just beginning this is a compelling choice to think about.

Pricing for Wix eCommerce starts at $23 per month with options that range from $23 to $500 per month.

2. Shopify

Shopify - Build ecommerce website to Sell Your Products Online
Shopify – Build ecommerce website to Sell Your Products Online

Shopify is another of the most well-known eCommerce platforms that are a great choice for entrepreneurs who want to sell their products online. Similar to Wix it’s simple and user-friendly, with many drag and drop options that enable you to create your online shop that is attractive and performs well.

Shopify is among the most used B2C selling platforms, and has more than 1 million merchants. The basic plan comes with everything you require to start with a website blog, blogs, SSL certificatesand abandoned shopping cart recoveries.

One of the biggest criticisms people have regarding Shopify has to do with the fact it offers very few customization options. What it does offer however is enough for most online businesses that are just starting out.

The Shopify pricing starts at $29/month.

3. Bonanza

Bonanza - Everything But the Ordinary
Bonanza – Everything But the Ordinary

Bonanza is a Seattle-based business that is much smaller than other websites similar to Wix and Shopify and has only 50k sellers. The company is growing at a rapid rate, but currently has more than 35 million items available for auction.

Bonanza has low selling charges which are based on your Final Price (this is calculated on the sum of the dollar value the buyer paid and any part of the shipping charge that is greater than $10). If you offered to sell an item at $30 and the shipping cost was $15, the final Offer Value is $35. The selling cost will be 2.5 per cent of value of the Final Offer and would amount to the cost of $0.87.

For companies who want to reduce the cost of fees for listing and selling, Bonanza can be a possibility. There is no need to pay for fees when you sell.

Bonanza membership prices start at $ 40 per month.

4. Amazon

Amazon Seller Central - Best Platform to Sell Your Products Online
Amazon Seller Central – Best Platform to Sell Your Products Online

Of course, it would not make a complete list of the top online selling platforms without mentioning Amazon. Amazon is among the most popular sites for selling products online, and is certainly worth a look because of its massive customer base and reputable reputation.

Amazon can be more costly than some other options for selling however. If you want to be a successful seller you have to fill out your application, and you must pay an $39.99 per month cost. There are costs for every product you sell.

If you’re planning to sell fewer than 40 items per month, a personal seller account is accessible with no monthly cost. For the majority of businesses, however it won’t be enough.

5. eBay

eBay Seller Central - Sell Your Products Online
eBay Seller Central – Sell Your Products Online

eBay is the first online marketplace for sales and is still considered to be one of the top websites to sell your products online. Since its inception in 1995, and with over twenty million buyers, eBay is a viable alternative worth considering. It is a simple selling procedure and a lot of firms like it more than other platforms.

One of the most frequent complaints about eBay however, is the selling fee. There’s a non-refundable cost which you must pay for each item you list in addition to an additional cost for listing items in different categories. Additionally, you must pay an “final value fee” that’s determined using a similar process similar to the method final offer value Bonanza employs.

The cost to start the eBay shop starts from $7.95 monthly.

6. Ruby Lane

Rubylane - Vintage Begins Here
Rubylane – Vintage Begins Here

For those who are selling antiques or collectibles, Ruby Lane is a great platform to look into. It has more than one million unique users every month, and it is designed to connect enthusiasts of antiques in one simple platform.

Ruby Lane will require an initial $100 payment to start a shop. There is also the monthly fee of $69 for selling less than 80 items through your store. The cost for your shop will vary depending on the amount of merchandise you sell.

7. Etsy

Etsy -#1 Website to Sell Your Products Online
Etsy -#1 Website to Sell Your Products Online

If you’re selling handmade or other items, Etsy is a great option to open a shop. It’s a popular platform that is easy to navigate and is a trusted choice in the online selling and buying world. People may be more likely to cooperate with you if you choose to use Etsy instead of another platform because it’s so popular.

The costs for Etsy are simple and low-cost, as well. It is required to pay an amount of $0.20 cents for every item you offer. It’s then in your shop for 4 months or till it is sold (whichever occurs first). When items are sold at a rate of five percent, you’ll pay a transaction fee as well as a three percent and a $0.25 cost for the processing.

If you’ve ever wondered, “Where can I sell my stuff online for free?”, Etsy is an ideal choice. It’s completely free to start the Etsy shop and start your business up and running.

8. Alibaba - Sites to Sell Your Products Online – Sites to Sell Your Products Online

If you’re interested in diving into the business of B2B online transactions You can’t go wrong with Alibaba. Alibaba is among the biggest online retailers that offers C2C, B2C, and obviously, B2B businesses.

It’s a breeze to start with Alibaba as well as having access to many alternatives to selling, such as auctions online as well as mobile commerce.

Alibaba is a more costly alternative, with annual sales fees up to $10,000 as well as an initial security deposit of as much as $25,000 available to Gold members.

9. Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central
Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central has been around since 1996 and has become an extremely well-known wholesale site for many B2B firms. One of the greatest aspects of Wholesale Central is that it’s simple to navigate and is it’s free to use. You don’t have to shell out a lot of money for membership when you sign-up.

One potential drawback to Wholesale Central is that the website appears a little outdated however. It’s also not able to automate a large portion of the selling process, as well as it isn’t able to work into other systems. If you’re seeking a way to sell your products online for no cost however, it’s definitely worth taking a look.

10. EWorldTrade

eWorldTrade - Connecting Businesses Globally
eWorldTrade – Connecting Businesses Globally

EWorldTrade is an expanding B2B marketplace that is online and offers many eCommerce-related services. It’s also regarded as one of the top options for lead-generation and online sales.

EWorldTrade is a platform that promotes transparency and selling of high-quality products. It is a trusted trading platform and is considered to be a top player in the B2B online sales industry.

Pricing for this service starts at $399 for a year and goes up to $7999 per year.

Start Selling Your Products Online Today

As you can observe, there are plenty of platforms you could utilize to sell your goods online and put your goods on the radar of more prospective buyers. If you’re running either a B2B or a B2C company with a myriad of options available today it’s simple to locate online selling websites that will satisfy your requirements and are compatible within your budget.

Be sure to keep the specifics of these various marketplaces in your mind as you go forward. They’ll assist you to narrow your choices and help you decide on the most suitable platform for selling online for your company.

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