9 Types of Google Ads – Which Is Best for You?

9 Types of Google Ads
9 Types of Google Ads

You may have seen the ad at the top of Google’s results page after you type a query in the search bar. These ads are known as “text ads” and they are the foundation of the Google Search Network.As a leading Shopify SEO Experts, CartCoders shared popular 9 Types of Google Ads can be extremely effective and essential to any business’s digital marketing strategy.

9 Types of Google Ads

What about the other ad formats Google has to offer? If you are a retailer trying to market your inventory, what options do you have? What if your goal is to get customers to download the app?

What type of Google ads works best for your marketing? Let’s see.

Type of Google Ad 1:- Responsive search ads (RSAs)

This is one of the leading types of Google ads. Expanded text ads, the latest version of “standard text ads“, allow for up to three headlines as well as two descriptions. Google phased them out on June 30, 2022 to make way for RSAs that can adapt ad copy to specific searches. RSAs have more options for headlines (15) as well as descriptions (4), which allows for greater reach and A/B testing.

Google will test different combinations of your headlines or descriptions until it finds the best combination. Once that happens, Google will customize copy to reach the right customers. This ad type has a downside: each headline must be consistent with the others and deliver a clear message regardless of their order. Pin some headlines, such as Headline 1, if you want to show the brand name every time. However, this can slow down ad copy optimization.

Type of Google Ad 2:- Dynamic Search Ads

Search ads that are dynamically generated (DSAs), Dynamics Google ads is useful when you are running campaign for the branding awareness. This types of Google ads automatically populate with content from your website. These ads are used in search campaigns and should be used with well-designed websites with clear categories and an extensive product list.

DSAs target users who are searching for similar products and services by using the content on your website. This allows you to save time and ensures that you use keywords that you might not otherwise have. The automation factor does not allow you to control what your ad says. Google will do its best to make sure the content is relevant to the pages that you have specified. You can upload a page feed to allow Google to create ad types if you sell different product lines, or just one range of products.

Type of Google Ad 3:-  Display Ads

This types of Google ads is best for the entertainment, product awareness, testimonials, brand awareness & more. Google Display Network image ads can be shown on sites that partner with Google for ad space. Google Display Ads includes YouTube, Gmail, Google Finance, YouTube, and YouTube. Google will show them on websites where your target audience is most likely to visit. Image ads are also known as display ads and can be animated or static graphics. They are great for brand awareness campaigns. Text ads are used in search campaigns and are more targeted at users further down the marketing funnel.

Type of Google Ad 4:- App Promotion Ads

App promotion ads are exactly what they sound. They promote apps. These ads can be seen on Google Search and Display Networks such as YouTube, Google Discover, and Google Play. App campaigns can be focused on app downloads, app engagement or app pre-registrations. You can promote your ad in the Apple App Store by running an Apple Search Ads campaign.

Type of Google Ad 5:- Video Ads

You can offer a more engaging experience for users by using a variety of video ad formats. These ads are available on Google Partner sites as well as platforms like YouTube. Video advertising is a highly profitable ad format and is best for businesses with higher funnel goals. It is also recommended for companies that have the resources to invest in video assets.

Fun facts: YouTube hosts over a billion hours worth of video content every day. A Google / Talk Shoppe study found that 70% of people purchased products from a brand after viewing their ad on YouTube.

Google will test different combinations of your headlines or descriptions until it finds the best combination. Then, Google will customize copy to reach the right customers at the right moment.

Type of Google Ad 6:- Shopping Ads

Shopping ads show products for sale. They include a product title, price, and a link to an online store. Through the product data feed that you provide, all this information is pulled directly from your Google Merchant Center account. Your product shopping campaign will appear at the top or along the right side search engine results page (SERP). Shopping ads can also be displayed on Google Images and the Google Search Network.

You will need to have a shopping cart installed on your website, such as Shopify, BigCommerce, or other similar services. Smart Shopping campaigns are a subset that includes Shopping ads, but with automated targeting and bidding. This year, Smart Shopping campaigns will be upgraded to Performance Max campaigns.

Type of Google Ad 7:- Local Search Ads

This format is perfect for advertisers who want to drive business visits to certain locations or store visits. Google will generate an ad for you based on the assets you provide (e.g. text, images, and videos). Google Maps, YouTube, Google Display Network and Google Search Network can all display ads.

Google will upgrade local campaigns to Performance Max in 2022. Google’s automated targeting engine optimizes local campaigns. This campaign type allows for efficient in-store visits as well as online sales using one campaign and one product feed. Advertisements can appear across all Google networks, including YouTube, Google Maps and Google Search Network.

Type of Google Ad 8:- Call-Only Ads

Call-only ads are available on mobile devices. They allow you to promote calls. These ads can be set to only run during business hours or all day. The ad makes a direct call to you from the SERP when a user clicks on the ad.

These ads will still display headlines and descriptions, and will look similar to regular text ads. These ad types, however, are not call extensions. They run as their own ads and prompt a user call your business directly. Text ads redirect the user to a landing site.

Type of Google Ad 9:- Local Service Ads

This type of ad allows you to only pay for the leads you get from the ad. This is best for local businesses that offer a particular service (e.g. plumbers, lawyers or tax services). These ads appear at the top search results page and are marked with either a “Google Screened“, or “Google Guaranteed” icon. This type of ad requires that your business undergo a screening process, which includes a background check.

Are you ready to discover the best mix for your brand now that you have all the information? Leave a comment.

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