How to Get Sales on Shopify – 10 Tactics From Shopify Experts

How to Get Sales on Shopify?
How to Get Sales on Shopify?

Shopify is a great platform that will help you quickly launch your ecommerce store. However, like any platform, sales will not happen by themselves.

Shopify sales can be as easy as reaching out to friends or as complex as creating a complicated Facebook ads funnel. We all have to start somewhere.

This is how to get your first Shopify sales. We will discuss winning your first conversions, and how to increase your momentum so that you can make more sales.

How to Get Sales on Shopify

Let’s begin with a popular question in the meantime.

What is the average time it takes to get your first sale on Shopify?

There are many factors that will affect the time it takes to make your first sale on Shopify.

You can use an existing network of contacts or create one using email lists that match your target customer.

  • If you’re buying an existing domain, the age and authority of that domain.
  • How deep your market research was conducted and how your products reflect that research.
  • How you present your products (images, product descriptions, etc)
  • You have incentives for your visitors to purchase from you

It can take a long time to sell a product if there is no network or a site that doesn’t fit the market.

It will be hard to penetrate the market if your products aren’t priced correctly or offer incentives such as free shipping for orders over $750 and coupons for first-time customers. This is especially true if your niche is competitive.

Even if you don’t have a large network, Shopify will still allow you to make your first sale within a reasonable amount of time. It is important to maximize what you already have and optimize your store to get sales on Shopify.

How to convert sales on Shopify

You’re not the only one wondering How to Get Sales on Shopify.

It’s easy to open a Shopify shop. However, how do you get people to give their hard-earned money? That’s another story.

You’ll be filled with ideas on how to implement these strategies in your store to make serious money.

How to Get Sales on Shopify?: What are The Prerequisites?

Before we move on to the specific strategies, let’s first discuss two things you need in order to get sales on Shopify.

1. Make an awesome product

Make an awesome product

A great product is the first ingredient in making sales. This may seem obvious but it’s surprising how many eCommerce businesses neglect quality product.

Dropshipping is not as easy because you can’t control the product’s quality. You still need to look for high-quality products. Low-quality products are simply not possible to sell. You won’t be able to sell low-quality products for very long. Customers won’t come back to you or spread the word.

This may seem obvious, but it is important to remember how great products can sell themselves. Marketers will find it infinitely easier to start with a great product.

2. Optimize your Product Pages

How to promote shopify store for free? Product pages are the heart of eCommerce. Your customers won’t buy if your pages aren’t up-to-standard.

There are a few key ingredients that you will need to make a delicious conversion soup right away for getting sales on Shopify store.

Amazing product imagery (both lifestyle- and regular)

You should have a lot of product reviews. If you are just starting out, this is not an option. So, just add a review widget.

  • Clear Call to Action (CTA).
  • A quick product video
  • All information required by customers to purchase (description, features and shipping info).

You can include a section on customer benefits below the fold to earn bonus points. Scroll down to see more photos and details about the product. If you not getting sales on Shopify.

3. Add Upsells & Cross Sells

Shopify can help you get sales. Profitable sales is another. Maximizing your average order value is crucial, especially with rising costs of paid advertising.

  • Cross-sells and upsells encourage customers add more items to their carts, which will increase your AOV.
  • This is why cross-selling works.
  • This product is inexpensive and doesn’t require much thought.
  • Cross-selling items complement the original order
  • After the customer has clicked on the product page, the offer will be presented.
  • It isn’t pushy and customers can skip it so it doesn’t affect the original sale.

This type of cross-sell can also be implemented using post-purchase offers. One-click upsells and thank-you page offers convert well and don’t interrupt the buyer’s journey.

4. Live Support

Live Support - How to Get Sales on Shopify?

Customers are likely to have many questions when they first visit a store. It will be easier to sell the first few products if you are available to answer their questions.

Although functional processes such as setting up Shopify’s purchase order flow can be important, it is also vital to remember the human aspect of retail.

To ensure customers have the ability to reach you, use an app such as EasyCall, Facebook Messenger, or Tidio App to make sure they get the support and reassurance that they require and help to get sales on Shopify.

5. Make your Basic Pages and Policies

To give legitimacy to your store and build trust between customers and you, there are some pages that every shop should have. Also it will create more product Sales on Shopify.

The following pages should be added at a minimum:

  • Privacy policy and terms of services
  • Shipping and Returns Policy
  • Contact page
  • About us – A page that explains the basics of our company.
  • FAQ page

After you have created your pages, link to them in the footer. This will allow customers to easily locate the information they require.

6. Shipment and Returns Free of Charge

It’s worth considering offering free shipping and returns when you are defining your policies.

Shipping costs are something people hate. This increases friction and decreases your chances to get sales on Shopify.

You’ll feel worse if you have ever had to return an item. Online shoppers are often hesitant to return items if they don’t like them.

If free shipping and returns are financially feasible for you, this is definitely something worth considering. It will be easier to sell when there are no friction-creating obstacles.

7. Create a strategy to collect reviews

Create a strategy to collect reviews

Trust can be built by both basic pages and live support. Reviews are the most important factor in trust-building in eCommerce.

Reviews online can greatly influence our purchasing decisions. Even though they are from complete strangers, reviews online still have a powerful influence on our buying decisions.

8. Nail Your Unique Selling Points

Unique selling points are a feature that sets your brand apart from its competitors. Common USPs include the lowest price, highest quality or first-ever product.

It is important to highlight what makes you stand out in a crowded eCommerce marketplace.

Think about how you can make sure your loyal customers have a piece of your mind. This will make it much easier to sell your products on Shopify.

9. Email marketing can be leveraged

Email marketing may seem outdated with all the new marketing methods. So is it help to get more sales on Shopify?

Email marketing is not something you should ignore. Litmus reports that email marketing has a $42 average return on investment for every $1 spent. (Insane, right?)

Emails from abandoned carts can be used to recover revenue from customers who could have bought your product, but didn’t.

Non-intrusive trigger-based pop ups are also a great way to build your list. Offer 10% discount to customers on their first order. This will encourage them (and hopefully you) to enter their email address and buy something.

10. Try Partnership Marketing

Want to sales on shopify without ads? Partnerships are a great way to market your products to new customers. You’ll be able to reach a wide range of customers if you are able to form strategic partnerships with established brands.

Partnerships must be mutually beneficial. Both parties must stand to gain.

It’s important to be creative when it comes to partnership.

11. Use Influencer and Affiliate Marketing

how to get consistent sales on shopify? Influencer marketing can be a great strategy to generate lots of sales quickly. But you must approach it correctly.

It’s a smart idea to team up with micro-influencers because:

  • These accounts are usually much more affordable than accounts that have large followings.
  • Micro-influencers have a stronger relationship with their audience
  • Micro-influencers are often open to long-term cooperation
  • There are many ways to work with influencers. Here are some examples:
  • Review a product by sending it to them for free
  • You can pay them to shout about your product
  • Offer equity to them or a profit-share of your business
  • Give them an affiliate link

Don’t think about how to get sales on Shopify. Get out there and take action!

how to promote shopify store for free? It can be difficult to launch a successful online Shopify store.

Paralysis by analysis is the greatest problem for budding entrepreneurs.

Overthinking things can be a hindrance to action and progress. Instead of spending weeks trying to figure out the best strategy, jump in and start doing things.

Without trying multiple ways to increase sales, you won’t find the right way.

It takes a lot more than just throwing stuff at the wall to build a successful Shopify store.

We wish you all the best at Hpage!

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