10 Ways to Increase Shopify Sales – Shopify SEO Tips

10 Ways to Increase Shopify Sales - Shopify SEO Tips
10 Ways to Increase Shopify Sales - Shopify SEO Tips

My Shopify store is getting 1.5K customers but there are no orders. What is the reason I’m not making sales?” 10 Simple Shopify Hacks to Increase Shopify Sales.

This Shopify forum post reminds us of this dreadful issue:

There is traffic, but no sales on Shopify website. Read here tips for increasing sales and conversions in your Shopify store.

After all the hard work entrepreneurs have put in to build and market Shopify shops, the stores should be able to receive a return. If you’re in search of assistance to create your first sale, then you’re in the right spot.

5 Reasons why the Shopify Store is Not Making sales

Let’s look into the reason the reason Shopify store may be receiving some traffic, but no sales. Also checkout the tips for increasing sales and conversions in your Shopify website by Shopify Experts.

1. Generic Product Descriptions

Actionable tips to increase your Shopify sales. A Shopify store might be receiving customers but there aren’t any sales as the product descriptions don’t seem compelling. In the event that descriptions of products are general they will not entice customers. Therefore, they will go home within minutes after visiting the Shopify store.

Motives behind to explain Shopify product descriptions are not engaging:

  • There are no benefits – too much emphasis on the product’s features
  • No storytelling – mini-stories encourage customers to imagine having products
  • There are no Sensory words – “crunchy,” “smooth,” and other adjectives, can create descriptions that are more exciting
  • Complex language isn’t natural – Like a description often sounds unnatural
  • Simple and unassuming phrases – “excellent quality product” is not a positive message to customers.

One of these factors could lead to low conversion rates or even no sales on Shopify when there is the traffic.

Zero Trust Factors

Are you wondering what the reason is for your Shopify store isn’t making sales despite a high amount of demand? You might want to check your shop for signals of trust. A majority of customers quit shopping because they aren’t confident in online stores that store credit card data According to Baymard Institute. To assure your customers of that their data is secure personal information, put up “trust badges” at your shop.

Shopify offers:

  • Security badges
  • Payment badges
  • Guaranteed money back badges
  • Third-party endorsements.

Are you in need of a quick fix?

Shopify Trust Badges
Shopify Trust Badges can help to get more sales

Free Trust Badge is a payment trust badge Shopify suggests adding it to the product page, pages for landing and homepages.

First impressions are crucial in the world of online business. Agree? If so, read this guide on Shopify page optimization for the homepage of stores to attract more customers and generate sales.

Unusual Design, UX

Your customers’ experience when while browsing your Shopify store determines whether they make a purchase. For instance the focus too much on technical aspects can lead to an increased risk of having low or zero sales on Shopify due to it making the navigation process difficult.

The most frequent UX issues are with Shopify stores are:

  • A lack of navigation buttons:- a deficiency of them makes navigation more difficult
  • “Unappetizing” interface:- Too many items on one site makes the shop appear too over-the-top
  • Unnecessary checkout steps:- Create frustration and cause customers to be frustrated.

Look for These Shopify store UX issues using heatmaps. They’re maps that are visualized to show the places where users click, when they stop scrolling and what draws their interest. As in this example below, it shows the areas that are most frequently clicked on a website’s homepage.

Hotjar Heatmap

Are you in need of app recommendations? The most used heatmap applications to gather user-generated insights include Hotjar along with Crazy Egg.

Complex Navigation

If you’re seeing traffic but not sales Your Shopify store may have a complicated navigation. It stops visitors from buying by making them confused and confusing.

Signs of a complex navigation in the Shopify store:

  • A vast menu that includes more than 10 categories
  • Long menu descriptions – Menu items have over two or three words
  • Inconsistent navigation — links to product pages aren’t easily visible from the homepage.

Proozy is an online Shopify clothing store is a great example of simple navigation. Each menu option is accessible from the homepage. A large image of the product along with an CTA allows you to begin shopping.

Proozy – Website

If you’re wondering what’s causing the visitors but not making sales, take a look at for issues with your Shopify site’s navigation. Simple and clear navigation is crucial to a great shopping experience. So, test your store for any problems which are hindering its performance.

Abandoned Shopping Carts from Shopify

The Shopify shopping cart is abandoned when a buyer adds a product to their cart, but doesn’t check it out. Every one of the Shopify stores are experiencing this issue – the typical abandonment rate for shopping carts on the internet is over 70 percent. This is why it’s among most important reasons behind the “Shopify visitors but no sales” issue.

Baymard Institute found that customers quit orders due to:

  • Costs of shipping that were not anticipated
  • Mandatory account registration condition
  • Long checkout procedure
  • Costs cannot be calculated prior to checkout
  • Delivery is slow.

Store owners that have no sales on Shopify may begin selling once they can address these issues. For instance, enabling the guest checkout option will eliminate the requirement for a user to have a valid account.

Experienced and Proven Methods to Increase Shopify Sales

Make use of these strategies to boost Shopify sales in a single day. We’ve gathered 11 different strategies that are low-cost, so you’ll be able to find at the very the very least one that is within your budget. Let’s get rid of the “traffic without sales” issue once and all.

1. Make Welcome Push Notifications

Website push notifications that offer discounts draw the interest of Shopify customers and encourage them to shop. Shopify stores let customers join push notifications and give them a discount or other incentive right away to stimulate purchasing.

How to start your first sale Shopify? Shopify in this manner:

  • Ask your customers in your store to sign up to receive push notifications.
  • Make sure to send your first notification that includes the discount coupon
  • Create an Shopify sale. Customers are able to claim the discount and then purchase.

This is how it works in greater in detail. A person who opts in to receive welcome push notifications and receives an email like this by Intelligent Blends. The user takes advantage of the discount coupon then applies it and makes an order.

In terms of the number of orders placed, Intelligent Blends were able to earn $92,000 through the push notification of welcome messages. They greeted visitors with customized messages, including an offer for customers who are first time customers. Every subscriber to push notifications was given an offer with a 10 percent discount. The click-through rate for the welcome messages was a staggering 10 percent!

You too can get your first sale through Shopify with the help of welcome push notifications. Add them to your shop using the dedicated Shopify application and begin collecting customers. Naturally, you can make your welcome message unique with a great offer and you could get rid of your “no sale on Shopify” problem sooner than you imagine.

The addition of a push notification application to Shopify just takes a few minutes and is free.

2. Send Shopify Recovery of abandoned cart Emails

Emails about abandoned carts are sent to customers who have left without having completed their purchase. It’s a great strategy to boost Shopify sales due to the fact that it appeals to the customers wanting to purchase something they’re interested in.

A typical email for a shopping cart’s recovery appears like this.

It is important to email an email to the abandoned cart swiftly and automatically. If the client is still interested in the item then they are able to click the link to return to the shopping cart. With the help of the Shopify tools for email marketing, it is possible to are able to send these emails in a way that is automatic.

Here’s how you can get your first sale Shopify

  1. Include an electronic marketing system to your online store
  2. Create custom the email templates for abandoned shopping carts
  3. You can set up how and when you will send emails.

3. Utilize the SMS Marketing

Check this out The majority texts are read and opened.

A single marketing strategy has the same level of openness. If people don’t ignore SMS messages, it could be a game changer Shopify stores.

Start your first sale on Shopify by using:

  • Abandoned cart SMS:- a message that includes hyperlink to an abandoned cart
  • Promotional SMS:- Offers for special flash sales, special offers and discount
  • Welcome SMS SMS:- send an offer as a way to welcome customers to encourage purchases on your first purchase.

There are many opportunities to resolve the issue of there being no sales on Shopify in a way that is automatic.

A cart that has been abandoned SMS is like this.

But it’s not the only thing. With an automated app for marketing via SMS for Shopify similar to Firepush you can ask for reviews from customers and keep track of delivery of orders with quick text messages.

Thus, you are able to increase traffic to your Shopify store while also helping customers. It’s a win-win!

4. Review Customer Reviews

Inviting your customers who are the first to leave reviews, and then add reviews into Your Shopify store. In this way, you’re increasing trust with your customers. This is an important factor considering how 35% shoppers purchase based on reviews from customers (Oberlo). If a customer can see reviews from other customers who had positive experiences with your company They’ll be more likely to purchase. If you’re receiving visitors but not making sales on SHopify this method is essential.

The most effective places to post reviews are on product pages as well as checkout pages. They attract customers with high intent who are likely to purchase thus they stand the potential to gain Shopify sales. Proozy is an online retailer of apparel has them displayed on the menus of its products.

The brand is earning customers the trust of their customers, which is essential to increase Shopify sales.

How can you use reviews to boost revenue on Shopify? With a plugin of course. If you’re looking for advice, look into this Product Reviews plugin. It’s highly-rated, completely cost-free, and easy to integrate into Shopify stores.

5. Review the Product Descriptions

“Wearing these will be look cool!”

This is what consumers think when reading the product descriptions that are compelling. It’s not true that Shopify sales are feasible through generic descriptions, since customers have a tendency to read a lot of them when browsing for products online. Give them something interesting and they’ll be grateful for it. That “Shopify visitors but no sales” problem will be over.

Check out the Shopify description of the product from Pura Vida. Instead of stating “These earrings are nice,” it says they’ll make the buyer “The most stylish woman in the universe.” This is how you can make Shopify sales in a unique manner!

Write up creative descriptions of your products to make your products more appealing to customers. People like creative products which is why they are even more likely to think of your shop in the midst of other shops.

6. Setup a live chat for Your Store

Are you missing live chat in the website of your Shopify store? Take the initiative to fix it now since 46% of customers who shop online prefer to use it for communicating with businesses. It’s a reliable method to communicate with customers in real-time and to get Shopify sales which are employed by hundreds of retailers.

Live chat functions like this. When a user clicks a live chat widget to start an exchange (shown in the picture below). The manager at the store gets an immediate message and provides an response. The entire process can be completed in less than an hour.

This is why shoppers utilize it to obtain prompt answers regarding items, delivery, returns and more. The absence of live chat may result in the Shopify store to experience a lot of traffic , but there aren’t any sales.

When you are choosing the live chat option for your Shopify live chat, be sure that it is equipped with these attributes:

  • Real-time visitor lists:- This means that you can view a list of your store’s visitors in real-timeand send them with your offers
  • Quick responses:- Pre-written answers to save time on replying; this helps to speed up work
  • Email Requests:- Get emails from your people who have visited to initiate an online chat and create an email list of subscribers

The majority of live chat applications for Shopify include these features, however checking for them is an ideal idea.

7. Optimize your Shopify Website for search engines.

SEO or Search engine Optimization (SEO) assists your store gain more exposure in the most popular search engines. Optimized stores show up higher on search results pages when people search for similar items. In this way, you can gain more organic traffic to your site. Studies have shown that organic searches can generate as high as 38% of the total traffic to your site.

The easiest and most efficient method to optimize your online store to attract more organic traffic is using an SEO application. SEO Booster can assist you in making your store easily searchable on Google.

Make use of the SEO optimization application to:

  1. Increase your store’s position on Google
  2. Speed up the loading of the site.
  3. Automatically include meta and alt tags to your images.
  4. Receive suggestions for fixing SEO problems on your website.
  5. Improve the experience mobile customers get from their phones

SEO Booster is a simple application. SEO Booster application is easy to use and doesn’t require any technical skills. The company provides 24/7 support which means you’re never with no concerns. It also offers the option of a free plan, meaning you can test the app before you decide to sign up.

8. Create an Google Ads Campaign

Google Ads advertise your Shopify store by placing its store on the first page of the results page. Through these ads you can eliminate the “Shopify traffic , but no sales” issue by making your store more prominent. A lot of businesses have started to make sales after running campaigns for a couple of days. It’s enough to attract hundreds of targeted customers.

The appearance of a Google Ad looks like this (see below). The ads appear when users search for specific keywords, which are which are used by consumers to locate products or services similar to yours. This means that Google Ads get your business placed in front of the correct target market.

Google Product Ads to Increase Shopify Sales
Google Product Ads to Increase Shopify Sales

Google Ads help to stand out. This is why they’re a great method of generating the most sales from Shopify for dropshipping businesses as well as companies.

Many business owners opt for these options due to:

  • Campaigns start at $5 per day.
  • Charges are only applicable the moment a consumer clicks an advertisement and then is able to access the Shopify store
  • Each campaign has a specific keyword and Google users.
  • Any modifications can be made swiftly.

What is the best way to begin this approach and resolve “Shopify visitors but no sales” issue? Create a new campaign in your Google Ads account, choose keywords and then set up the tracking.

9. Start Blogging

If your Shopify store is receiving visitors but not sales, consider using blogging. Customers who visit blogs while researching products, and it could become a popular site for your shop. Partake Foods, a seller of foods that are allergy-friendly is an excellent illustration. The company offers holiday gift guidebooks, recipes, and snacks and more – lots of helpful content to their customers.

Make the same move to increase profits on Shopify. Shopify has an integrated blog feature, which means you can begin creating amazing content. Also, think about offering 10% off blog subscriptions in order to send more emails from customers.

Blog post ideas that can convert your Shopify visitors into sales:

  • Ideas for gifts
  • Reviews of products
  • DIY guides and DIY suggestions
  • Guides to gifts for specific occasions

Check out using the Shopify blog tutorial to find out how to create a high-quality blog. You should also look over blogs that your competition has — there may be a lot of ideas that will encourage you.

10. Send promotional emails

Have you got email subscribers for the Shopify store? If yes, then we can begin by introducing marketing through email. If you’re looking to learn how to advertise your Shopify store at no cost this is the best method to follow.

How do you get the first sale on Shopify with promotional emails:

  • Welcome emails with special offers for customers who are first-time customers.
  • Announcements about sales (here are some examples of sales promotions to help you get ideas)
  • Newsletters for products (product updates description of benefits, etc.)

Customers receive these emails often. Here’s an exampleof this: sale announcement email includes discounts, which is a typical method of increasing conversions.

Remember it is that the email tools for marketing can provide email templates. Therefore, you don’t require any design or programming skills. Just include your logo, product images, or text, and then send your message. Additionally, there are numerous free tools for marketing via email that you can choose from to make the most of your marketing budget.

11. Offer a Free Gift

Give a gift with the first order in order to boost Shopify sales. If you’ve already got traffic that’s why you should give them a incentive to purchase. Offering a free item to say “thank for your” for buying from your Shopify business is good option. Many companies rely on this approach.

Inspire your customers to place orders using this strategy as well. Include a free item on any orders that exceed $50. You can also transform those Shopify customers into buyers.

Giving away a present is an fantastic way to address the “traffic however no sale” problem since it:

  • Makes a great first impression
  • Shows appreciation for customers
  • Encourages customers to place their the first purchase.
  • The company encourages its customers to post their experiences via social media.

Additionally, create a feeling that there is a sense of urgency, by making the offer time-bound. So, they will probably make an order in order to not lose an amount of money.

Solutions to the “Shopify Not Getting Traffic” Problem Once and Once and For All

In fact, making Shopify sales is a lot easier to do than say. However, you can conquer that “no selling on Shopify” faster than you imagine.

There are many methods to accomplish this final goal:

  • Push notifications from websites
  • Emails from abandoned shopping carts on Shopify
  • Marketing via SMS
  • Customer reviews on landing pages as well as at checkout.
  • More engaging product descriptions
  • Live chat messages
  • Google Ads campaigns
  • Blog articles
  • Marketing emails for promotions
  • Free gifts
  • Discounts

Get them!

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