Important Things Before Hiring Shopify Developers

Hire Shopify Developer
Hire Shopify Developer

It is known as one of the well-known commerce platforms Shopify can, when utilized correctly and according to its capabilities, can result in massive profit. Furthermore, only the help of the top Shopify Developers will help you discover all the useful features and become the most suitable choice for your online business.

Why Are Shopify Developers In Demand?

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Why Are Shopify Developers In Demand?
Why Are Shopify Developers In Demand?

The most popular and widely accepted online platforms is Shopify works most well for small-scale companies. In the last few years, due to the pandemic, a number of companies went under, and in order to come back, they were looking for an eCommerce software which has everything one needs to start as well as running an effective eCommerce business. In the face of all such requirements one name that comes to our thoughts is Shopify. Not just business owners who run online, but also retail companies are shifting to eCommerce platforms, mainly Shopify for the purpose of increasing their sales. To satisfy the growing demand for Shopify development services the need for Shopify developers has also has increased.

The truth is that Shopify experts are highly skilled designers, creative consultants and skilled developers who are specialized in creating successful brands, businesses as well as Shopify stores. Shopify stores. In terms of Shopify development, whether the task is large or small you must do it correctly.

With the help with the help of Expert Shopify Developers With the help of Expert Shopify Developers, you can:

  • Enhance Your Sales:- Utilizing the optimization of conversion rates, channel set-up SEO, Analytics, monitoring, etc.
  • Reaching Enhanced Customers:- banner ads as well as email marketing, marketing and sales direction and social media marketing etc.
  • Customize Your Store:- By using customized visual elements including store layout and design instructions, logo and theme branding, theme customization etc.
  • Reduce Time Consumption:- By confiding your work to a professional and allowing them to focus some of your energy to vital work tasks that will contribute to the growth of your business.
  • Quality Work:- Shopify experts ensure that the work they do must be of top-quality to keep up with the more delighted customers.
  • 24/7 Support:- The Shopify specialists give you the most reliable support 24/7. This means you’ll get continuous assistance and coordination that safeguards you from falling from any point in time.

How To Hire An Expert Shopify Developer?

(Step-By-Step explanation from preparation to Feedback)

Before hiring an Shopify development company it is important to review the basics of our company. We should then identify the areas in which we can add more so that they appear as effective. Let’s begin then.

Prepare Your Business First (Needs, Goals, Budget)

Assess Your Project Requirements

Before we start the project, we must create an outline of our project’s requirements. This list should include the tasks we’ll need to complete as well as the steps we’ll need to follow, and more to ensure the success of the project. This will give us a clear images of the jobs that must be done.

Define Goals To Achieve

In the beginning it is essential to establish the goals you would like your company to reach. Additionally, make sure that every person on your team know about the goals. Informing your Shopify developer and letting them know the goals and objectives of your project can help get to the top of the ladder.

Decide Your Budget

In reality, hiring an outsider will consume a significant portion in your spending budget. Before you sign an agreement, it is important to be prepared with a sound strategy that could be the most effective way to invest in your company.

This requires a greater comprehension of financial matters for business as well as the amount you will need to cover, as well as everything you must handle in terms of finances. If you inform your developer about the budget you’ve set, you’ll be able to clarify everything prior to when you start.

Hiring Models

In the next step, you must select dedicated experts by selecting one of the models of hiring. For instance, you can select between one of the dedicated managed teams the extended team or product development team or even an onsite development team.

Engagement Model

The Shopify development companies have flexible engagement models that allow you to get the top Shopify development solutions. The engagement models are custom-made according to your requirements. They provide a fixed-price model, a dedicated model and a time & material models to meet the unique requirements of their customers.

Project Timeline

Alongside your budgetary requirements, having a timetable is also essential in talking to your Shopify developer. It is possible to inform the development team know about your desired timeline. If the estimate you provide and yours are in line, you may give your developer the chance to collaborate with you.

Choose Reporting Tools

When you work with a top Shopify development company they will give you analytics and reports that provide the necessary data on your sales, customers, and even visitors.

Payment Schedule

The payment schedule for each brand differs based on the needs of their customers. When you are hiring an Shopify development firm, be certain to have a discussion about your payment plan with the company. By ensuring that your company’s policies are clear to ensure that you are in a position to avoid any confusion ahead.

What Kind Of Shopify Developer Are You Looking For?

What Kind Of Shopify Developer Are You Looking For?

Shopify Front-End Developer

Shopify front-end developers work alongside the software designers, product managers, and designers to create perfect tools and products. They make use of the most recent technologies and frameworks as well as modern web standards to create large web applications with a front-end which perform well and scale on every device. They also create user-centric experiences, collaborate closely with the team responsible for content development and develop Shopify awareness and share the narratives about the importance of Shopify in the world of commerce to customers around the world.

Front-End Developer Skill Sets

  • Expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Working experience using Shopify platform.
  • Prioritize and manage multiple responsibilities and self-directed.
  • Use a flexible and collaborative approach.
  • Provide insights and ideas throughout the process of development.
  • Offer constructive technical feedback on projects of various types to the team.
  • Learn to take the correct direction with many projects and assignments.
  • Experience in SVN, Git, or CVS.
  • SCSS/LESS experience.
  • Experience with a specific platform: WebSphere Commerce, Hybris or Demandware.
  • PSD-to-CSS execution.
  • Experience with Frameworks for JS like Node, JQuery, Angular.
  • Good at Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign).
  • Experience in responsive design & development.
  • Common JS/AMD or MVVC JSP patterns.

Shopify Backend Developer

The Shopify back-end developer can solve difficult problems using a high-performance code and collaborates with other team members to provide the highest high-quality work. The developers implement new software that results in huge production scale. They continuously improve the codebase in order to make it more efficient. They work with designers and developers to create innovative and speedy code that improves the codebase. They write code that is tested and well written by using testing-driven development. Furthermore they help Shopify back-end developers are able to fix bugs faster and have the time to solve difficult issues too.

Backend Developer Skill Sets

  • Experience with working with frameworks and technologies, such as the most commonly used languages: PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, GraphQL, Node.js Java/JEE.
  • Learn about SQL and relational databases.

Full Stack Shopify Developer

The person in charge is responsible for his or her role in the Shopify Plus creation of the themes, platform, related applications, and the Liquid programming languages. He/She also participates in open-source software development and creates smooth multi-channel experiences with the integration of standard web technologies as well as CSS/JS/HTML5/CSS. Furthermore, he uses UX-based design in accordance with the style guidelines and standards that the companies. In addition, he creates system integrations that result in the growth that the business. Shopify Full Stack developers Shopify Full Stack developers also have a solid understanding of SEO fundamentals. They design testing plans and resolve issues related to eCommerce. Additionally, they do root cause analysis and develop or identify the correct actions. They also apply advanced techniques for debugging and the application of tools for developing browsers.

Full Stack Developer Skill Set

  • Proficiency in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.
  • A deep comprehension of DOM.
  • Have you had experience with Shopify theme system as well as Liquid templating
  • A thorough understanding and working familiarity with vanilla JavaScript including ES2015/ES6, jQuery and the most recent JS frameworks.
  • Ability to communicate effectively providing constructive feedback to peers and the team.
  • You must be able to communicate effectively.
  • Have experience in debugging/implementing 3rd-party Shopify apps and creating custom solutions if required.
  • Experienced in using the Storefront API.
  • Debugging and testing abilities that are thorough using external tools and the browser console.
  • Experience and knowledge of working with objects and properties that are part of Shopify, Meta fields, and AJAX API.
  • The best APIs from 3rd party and services, and also specific Shopify plugins.

Other Skill Set Required For Shopify Developers

But, we’ve discussed the fundamental skills that an Shopify developer should possess. Let’s take a look at other skills which could an added-on.

  • Deep understanding about the Shopify platform and its variations:- A competent Shopify developer must be knowledgeable of not just the Shopify platform, but the various versions as well.
  • Skills required for programming:- Before you hire an expert it is important to ensure that the person is proficient in the abilities of programming which are necessary to build the most successful Shopify store.
  • Experience of 3rd-Party API Integration:- It is true that the integration of 3rd party APIs can enhance the integration of your business with other business applications or web services. Therefore, the developer you choose must be familiar with third-party integration.
  • Custom Shopify app development skills:- Every company has its own needs, so in order to satisfy these needs, your developer must be an expert in the development of custom Shopify applications.
  • Shopify theme integration abilities:- In order to develop the design and appearance of the online store Shopify developers must be proficient in the integration of themes. Shopify developer should be experienced with Shopify themes integration.
  • Understanding of databases:- Additionally, an experienced Shopify developer must have a thorough understanding of database technologies because they are essential when it comes to the storage and management of information stored in the store.
  • Other platforms:- That can benefit from Shopify capabilities in execution of migrations Other platforms to Shopify migration execution skills Shopify the development of stores, Shopify the execution of migrations plays an important role. Shopify migration involves the transfer of information from the store that is being used to the Shopify store, which is the targeted one. Also, the person you select to be your expert must be aware of Shopify migration too.

Things To Consider Before Finalizing An Expert Shopify Developer

Things To Consider Before Finalizing An Expert Shopify Developer

We will now discuss the aspects we need to consider when deciding on the best Shopify development agency.

Conduct An Interview

If you’re unable to speak with one of the Shopify specialist one-on-one or even arrange a phone call to the Shopify team. Since they have the most experience and expertise, you can count on them to be prepared. They will inform you whether they can assist you with your needs in the business or not.

Go Through Reviews & Feedback

When you are deciding on an expert Shopify development team in your Shopify project, don’t forget to look over the ratings and reviews because this will give you an exact overview of the applicant as well as its professional profile and proficiency in working.

Check Out The Portfolio & Feedback

For a better understanding of the work experience in the past and the results of the Shopify development agency, it is best to review the work from the Shopify development agency as well as its customers’ comments. This will provide you with an idea of the outcomes that the company’s brand can deliver.

Ask Previous Clients For References

In order to make it more clear, you could inquire about the previous references of their customers. This will ensure you are in good hands when you are deciding on the most suitable.

Discuss Project’s Specific Requirements

To ensure that your choice of Shopify developer follow the correct direction to achieve the desired results You should talk about the requirements of your project prior to when you begin.

Allocate A Sample Test Project

To ensure you’ve chosen the right one developers, request that they offer you a free testing of their code. If you are satisfied you may let them move.

Communication Skills Must Be Good

It’s possible that this is the last thing, but it’s the first thing you need to look for in the Shopify specialist before deciding. In addition to having technical knowledge the expert should be adept in communication as well.

Where To Find Best Shopify Experts & Developers?

In this section, we’ll provide the best locations where you can find the top Shopify developers.

Hire Through Research Firms (,,

There are a variety of directories devoted to listing top-rated digital agencies operating across the globe with success. They are field guides based on data which aid in the hiring process. They contain a myriad of companies with various categories.

The dedicated eCommerce development company has the ability to sketch out and create your ideas successfully, even starting from beginning. Most often, they have several experts on staff who specialize in their respective fields in design, development and marketing.

Employing an agency to hire will give you better and more comprehensive service, and it will cost much more than hiring freelancers.

Hire Through Shopify Platform

On Shopify, the Shopify platform, you can discover top agencies and freelancers that cover everything from marketing to store set-up to help you meet your needs as a business. On this platform, each expert is scrutinized prior to allowing them to become part of Shopify’s marketplace. These are the entrepreneurs who aid other entrepreneurs.

No matter how big or small agency or freelancer, the professionals here will help you get your project accomplished in a timely manner and will provide you with the top quality.

Hire Through Freelance Portals (Upwork, Freelancer, Toptal)

On the platforms for freelancers you can find a variety of top-quality independent Shopify developers. It’s not a huge amount effort to work with a reputable developer. It is your responsibility to announce your job, including the goals of your project, the target audience, a description of your project the deliverables, timeline and more.

Hire Through Social Media (Linkedin, Facebook)

Through social media, you can locate a reputable professional to finish you Shopify project. All you have to do is browse the profiles of the experts you select and then discuss your plan with them. In a short time, you’ll be many responses related to your task.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Shopify Developers Across The Globe?

Now, let’s see what it will cost you to engage a professional Shopify developer.

The cost generally will depend in the amount of work involved and size of the Shopify project.

In estimating the price for your project for your project, an estimate from a Shopify developer will take into account the sales goals and traffic, as well as functionalities as well as the features that you need. The fully-customized layout will cost you more than an easy template will be the first thing to consider.

Custom integration SEO, product, import of customer information or copywriting needs will increase the cost of development.

  • Small projects typically cost between $3000 to $5,000.
  • Medium-Sized Projects can reach $10,000.
  • More expensive ones can set your budget from $10,000 to $100,000.

Factors Affecting The Cost To Hire A Shopify Developer

The cost of hiring a Shopify developer is contingent on a variety of aspects. Let’s look at some of them below:

Type Of Online Store

The cost will depend on the type of eStore you’d like to run as well as the features, functionality and other features you wish to add. As you add more parameters grows the price estimate for hiring an expert Shopify expert increases as well.

Type Of Shopify Expert

If you’re thinking about hiring an experienced professional with years of experience who has worked for top Shopify stores, you will pay more than someone with a history of couple of months or even years.

Geographical Location

It is expensive to hire an expert is dependent on the location of his residence. The cost varies based on the geographic place of residence.

CountriesRates (Per Hour)
Eastern Europe$35 – $100
North USA$70 – $125
Latin America$30 – $50
South Asia$15 – 40

Type Of Hiring Model

As we have mentioned there are a variety of hiring methods you can choose when hiring an expert Shopify developer.

Type Of Engagement Model

As mentioned earlier your engagement model will determine the cost of hiring such as fixed-price model, time and material model, etc.


The time it takes to finish an Shopify project also determines costs for hiring. If you require integration with third-party vendors or more, it’ll need a long time frame to reach the desired end. Also, since ‘time is money’ and with the length of time, the price will also increase.

Hiring Freelance Shopify Developer Vs Hiring From Agency

Employing a freelancer can prove to be a more cost-effective choice when compared to hiring an agency. In addition, you’ll find it difficult for a freelancer to manage. In terms of scaling, they typically have numerous problems. In addition with regards to maintenance and support freelancers can be difficult to stay with. In addition, their quality assurance is as well variable.

In contrast, when you employ a developer through an established agency can help reduce the risk we take when we work with freelancers. The best agencies provide proper maintenance and support, and have the capacity to scale.

Checklist For Hiring A Shopify Expert for Your eCommerce Project – Quick To-Do List

  • Think about the outcomes you would like to achieve.
  • Do your research in depth, look through forums for industry news, look up suggestions, read reviews and even testimonials.
  • Select the top candidates for shortlisting.
  • Set up a meeting or a phone call.
  • Once you’ve completed your project, you can review the entire plan.
  • Set a milestone , and then fix an appropriate payment plan.
  • Begin your project, and look over each step of the way after it is completed.
  • You can approve the payment only once you are happy with the outcome completely.

Time To Wrap The Project (Process, Feedback)

As you get close to the end of your project You’ll be thrilled to be able to enjoy the outcomes of your efforts. At this point you must finish your project in a way that everything runs smoothly.

Stick To Crucial Process & Timelines

Be attentive to the steps leading to the conclusion to the task, you could keep an eye on important tasks and delivery dates.

Offer Feedback

When everything is completed according to the plan there are some things that need to be communicated. As a customer one of the best and beneficial reward you can give you development group is useful feedback about how you feel about the result of your work. To provide more efficient feedback, even if not an expert in the field You could try providing images of your work. You could, for instance, offer websites you enjoy as well as screenshots and other information with accordion capabilities.

After Support Services

If you are a client You should contact the Shopify developer service providers to provide post-development assistance. This maintenance and support will assist in ensuring that your Shopify store to stay functioning.

Wrapping Up

In the end we hope that you enjoyed our guide to find the most suitable Shopify developer to finish your project in accordance with your requirements. If you’re interested, we recommend that you engage an expert from a reputable agency to get all the benefits and achieve the goals of your project, which is difficult for the help of a freelancer. If you have any suggestions, please share them with us via the comment section below. We’d be happy to hear from you.

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