Top 10 Best Shopify Trust Badge Apps in 2022

Top 10 Best Trust Badge Apps for Shopify in 2022
Top 10 Best Trust Badge Apps for Shopify in 2022

As more and more people go online to buy everything from hairbrushes to tomorrow’s dinner, the awareness of consumers on secure purchasing is growing. Nowadays, people aren’t afraid to purchase items online however they are aware of what they should be looking for in terms of security before making purchases. Shopify Trust Badges can increase conversions & sales on you Shopify Store – But Why do you need them? We review the best free & paid apps to add them

Shopify Trust Badges
Shopify Trust Badges

What exactly are Shopify trust badges?

Trust badges are images, icons, or logos you put onto the front of your Shopify store to create trust among your customers.

They are most often found on checkout pages, that aim to reassure customers that they are able to safely make a purchase. Sometimes, these badges highlight the security features on a site. In other instances they are simply a sign of an open policy to customers or a reliable partner.

Simply stated, Shopify trust badges provide an easy method to build trust among shoppers. This could also decrease abandonment of shopping carts and boost sales.

The top Shopify stores have these emblems of trust. If it isn’t then it could set off alarms for buyers who are interested.

What Shopify trust logos is vital in your business?

In reality, the majority of Shopify trust badges will increase conversions for your business. However, the type of badges you are able to apply depends on your

  • Security features
  • Payment methods
  • eCommerce partners
  • Store policies

Any thing you’ve put in place that builds trust in your customers needs to be emphasized with a prominently-placed badge. Trust badges play a major influence on your prospects’ online buying behavior. If your potential customer sees that the use of trust badges it gives them confidence and makes them more likely to keep the purchase. Do you not have trust badges on your website? If so, you could expect a portion from your revenue to fall into the void because of trust issues.

Want to add a trust badge app to boost conversions?

CartCoders’s Shopify Experts has implemented a variety of campaigns leveraging trust badges, testimonials, and dynamic social proof.

Top 10 Shopify Trust Badge Apps in 2022

This is a brief overview of the most significant Shopify trust badges you can include to your store.

1. Free Trust Badge by Shopclimb

Free Trust Badge by Shopclimb
Free Trust Badge by Shopclimb

Cart and checkout pages are among the first areas that require Shopify trust badges. They are free. Trust Badge from Shop Climb is our top option for trust badges. There are more than 11500 Shopify stores utilize this app to display badges from payment processors on your Shopify store’s pages.

These badges are proven to deliver conversion rates, with customers considering these badges to be legitimate and trustworthy. It takes about three seconds to provide your potential customer proof that you’re a reputable website. If you don’t have trust badges, many than half of your customers will leave their carts.

Through this Free Shopify Trust Badge app, you can personalize the appearance of your trust badge to fit with the design of your site. You can alter the font size and color to provide the trust badge the look and feel of a native to the design of your website. With many customizable options it’s a great app is rated 5/5 from us. Did we mention that it’s free to use?

Free Trust Badge Features

  • Beautiful payment badges for sales funnels
  • Helps build customer trust in your payment process
  • The badges for payment security improve the conversion rate
  • Show the logos of your payment partner on the cart page and checkout page
  • Customizable badge design to create a natural appearance on your website
  • Free Shopify Trust Badges for use

2. Trust Hero ‑ Trust Badges from Booster Apps

Trust Hero ‑ Trust Badges
Trust Hero ‑ Trust Badges

Trust Hero also is a trust badge app we strongly recommend. This app is focused on mobile-based stores. Considering that over 50% of purchases online happen on mobile devices It’s definitely worth a look among our top options.

Trust Hero has a dedicated fan base and is probably the second most-used app to use on Shopify stores on the platform. Trust Hero provides badges that have authentic designs, and can be customized according to the theme and layout of your website.

We love the user-friendly installation features that is included in the app. It doesn’t require any code. The site is ready right after installation. All you need is only a few clicks to alter colors, fonts and size to suit your site’s design.

More than 1,700 users of the app have rated Trust Hero as a 4.3/5 for efficiency. For a bonus you can use it for free.

Trust Hero ‑ Trust Badges Features

  • Secure and trust badges to show confidence in the consumer
  • It is easy to set up and comes with lots of different badges and icons
  • Options that you can customize to match your specific theme
  • Desktop and mobile compatible
  • Free Shopify Trust Badges for use

3. TRUST – Varinode, Inc.

TRUST - Varinode, Inc.
TRUST – Varinode, Inc.

Varinode Incorporated, Varinode, offers an array of trust badges for your Shopify store. This developer gives badges and an option that lets customers to leave reviews about their experience shopping with you. Reviews are an essential part of any marketing strategy online and can be a significant boost to the perception of your customers about the credibility of your site.

Social Proof is an tried and tested marketing technique that allows consumers to be more likely to make a purchase based upon the experience of other customers on your website. It’s an interesting concept and is a stand-out feature when in comparison to others apps that we’ve reviewed.

The trust badges on the app can be customized to fit the style of your theme. Moreover, there’s a no-cost version that is available. The premium version comes with an initial trial of five days which is worth buying the premium option in light of the benefits from the reviews module.

TRUST – Varinode, Inc. Features

  • Trust reviews and badges can boost confidence of the consumer on your website.
  • Review user comments on your store’s website with ease
  • Let users write reviews
  • Customizable trust seals that match the style of your shopfront
  • Free Shopify Trust Badges to use with a five-day trial

4. Ultimate Trust Badges by Conversion Bear

Ultimate Trust Badges by Conversion Bear
Ultimate Trust Badges by Conversion Bear

The Ultimate Trust badges is yet another free tool that can create visually appealing trust badges that you can use for Your Shopify store. Conversion Bear designed the app for mobile devices too as future-proofing your store against the change towards mobile-based eCommerce.

Ultimate Trust Badges It is simple to install and features an extremely user-friendly interface. It doesn’t require any knowledge of codes to utilize this app it comes with an array of trust badges that are available within the app. You can choose among trust badges that are used by payment processing companies such as PayPal and Visa as well as trust badges for banks, currencies, and many other features.

This full trust badge app can be described as truly the Ultimate Trust Badges app, and comes with custom options that allow you to customize the badges according to the style of your brand’s theme. You can also design customized tags for your badges that match the style and style of the Shopify store.

You can change your badge size, design, and color to something you’d like. The auto-styling feature takes decision-making out of your choice if you aren’t able to settle on one option.

Ultimate Trust Badges Features

  • Create no-cost trust badges to promote your site or Shopify store.
  • Make custom taglines to your badges
  • Simple design tools
  • Auto-style function to make your site’s style match
  • Free Shopify Trust Badges for use

5. TrustedSite ‑ Trust Badges by TrustedSite

McAfee SECURE & Trusted Site - by TrustedSite
McAfee SECURE & Trusted Site – by TrustedSite

McAfee SECURE is the most prestigious security badge for building trust on your website. The public wants to be assured that when they submit the details of their transactions on your site that you’ve done everything you can to safeguard your data in a secure manner.

If customers get the McAfee Secure as well as the trusted badges on sites they know immediately that they’re on an encrypted site that is aware of how to protect and manage information. If you plan to sell your product through the Shopify platform, Shopify store the badge is a must feature for your cart and payment page.

The app can also be used to scan your site for viruses and malware and is available in 20 languages. The app is available as a free version, in addition to the option of a premium subscription.

The premium version comes with security for your shoppers’ identities This is a fantastic marketing tool for your website and gives more credibility to Your Shopify store.

TrustedSite ‑ Trust Badges Features

  • Profit from the fame of McAfee Security. McAfee Security brand
  • Use the Trustmark to increase confidence of the consumer on your site.
  • Reminds customers that they are part of Secure Web Network. Secure Web Network
  • Displays Trustmark and Verification Page in 20-languages
  • The Pro version offers the protection of shopper ID
  • Free plan is available, with premium plans can be upgraded for Shopify Trust Badges.

6. Free Trust Badge Master –

Free Trust Badge Master -
Free Trust Badge Master –

A different option for a no-cost trust badge app to consider taking a look through is the Free Trust Badge Master from When you purchase this Hulkapps application, you will have access to a collection of trust badges, and more designs being added to the app every day.

All you need are the logos of payment partners, including credit card companies, PayPal, Stripe, and even cryptocurrency choices. The simple design of trust badges can be customized which allows you to change the font, size and color to fit the style of your Shopify store’s theme.

There’s a broad selection of distinctive icons including international shipping, as well as other helpful visual cues for your customers. There is also the option of uploading a customized trust badge design, as well as dual-color options to create a two-tone design.

The range of choices that is available is incredible It’s also awe-inspiring to discover that completely free. does not charge one cent to use this feature.

Trust Badge Master Features

  • Offer your customers personalized secure and trust message
  • Dual-color trust badges are now available
  • Includes original payment partner logos
  • The library is regularly updated and contains trust badges
  • Uploading custom images is accepted.
  • Free Shopify Trust Badges for use

7. Trust Me ‑ Free Trust Badges by Giraffly

Trust Me ‑ Free Trust Badges
Trust Me ‑ Free Trust Badges

The Girrafly offer is another great alternative to purchase trust certificates online. This app specialises with trust certificates for payment service providers and processors like credit card companies as well as payment processors such as PayPal as well as Stripe.

Choose the payment processors you want to use and then choose the trust badges to show on your checkout or cart pages. Utilizing trust badges that are issued by licensed processors and payment providers provides buyers with a higher measure in trust as well as social proof that they can leverage to lower the buyer’s reluctance and ultimately make purchases with you. Girrafly also offers trust badges for mobile-friendly websites which allows you to be sure that your site’s compatibility with mobile and desktop platforms.

It’s a user-friendly installation of the app for the backend of your Shopify store. It’s simple to set up and you don’t have to know any codes to set it up in just a few minutes. The badges can be customized to fit the style that you want to use for your shopfront’s checkout as well as cart page. This Girrafly Shopify Trust Badge app is completely free to use.

Trust Me ‑ Free Trust Badges Features

Builds trust with your customers. trust on your website

  • Show badges in any store, with a simple set-up
  • Reduces your site bounce rate
  • It doesn’t require any programming skills to set up
  • Free Shopify Trust Badges for use

8. Appsolve – VITALS Trust Seals and Badges

Appsolve - VITALS Trust Seals and Badges
Appsolve – VITALS Trust Seals and Badges

Its VITALS Trust Seals and Badges app developed by Appsolve is a great tool to add credibility and trust to your website.

The app suite includes an extensive collection of trust badges that will work with different pages. Find payment processor badges to your cart and checkout pages, and security trust badges to soothe the shopper’s anxiety as they begin the payment process.

Each badge has an elegant design and appearance. They don’t require any programming language to set up. The user experience when using this app is effortless and simple. You’ll be able to get every trust badges that you need for your website in a matter of only a few minutes.

There are more than thirty trust badge designs to choose from which include six layouts, as well as the full spectrum color selector. Pick the layout and color that complement your website and increase the credibility that you offer through the Shopify store.

The professional design as well as the feel give instant credibility and credibility on your cart as well as checkout pages. This tool is adaptable to your Shopify store and will not result in any changes to the code in the process of implementation or removal.

There is an annual fee to upgrade the version however, you are given a no-cost trial of three days to determine whether you like the app before you purchase it.

Appsolve – VITALS Trust Seals and Badges Features

  • Premium trust badges to inspire consumers confidence in your site or Shopify store.
  • Convert more customers and reduce abandoned carts
  • Installation and setup are simple.
  • Professionally produced badges and seals
  • No code is required for setup
  • Free trial Shopify Trust Badges for 30 days, premium version also available.

9. Kamozi Trust Badges

The final option we have to use trust badges would be Kamozi. The app provides trust badges on your checkout pages. The high-quality design and style of these badges are among the top options that we have reviewed in our review. You can change the size, color and font to complement your current Shopify theme for your store.

Put your trust badge just below the “Add to Cart” button to draw the attention of your customer and assist them in making the purchase they made in your shop.

Kamozi is available with the opportunity to try a 14-day trial for free and the price costs $4.99 each month. We love the offer from Kamozi however we believe that the other alternatives in this review provide greater worth for the money you spend on the money you spend on your Shopify store.

Kamozi Trust Badges Features

  • Enhance confidence of your customers on your site or Shopify store.
  • Include badges during the checkout process
  • Make you trust badges to fit the style of your shop or website
  • It displays the trust badge just below”Add to Cart” button “Add to Cart” button
  • $4.99 p/month
  • 14-day trial Shopify Trust Badges for free

Why Do You Need Trust Badges?

Research suggests that placing trust logos on key pages on your website can play a major role in determining your customer’s purchasing decision. Your potential customers will search for trustworthy SSL certificates and other trust brand logos they recognize before proceeding to the checkout page to complete the purchase.

There are many trust badges for websites to utilize and research suggests that consumers tend to buy at your store even when you’re using the trust badge they do not recognize. Many retailers experience as much as a 60% improvement in conversion rates after the use of trust badges on crucial pages of your sales funnel.

Different Kinds of Trust Badges

If you are trying to boost the credibility of your web store in the eyes your customers There are three kinds of trust badges that you can apply.

  • SSL Certification – This badge indicates that your website and your connection are safe and secure, with enough encryption to protect against cyber-attacks. Shopify offers this to all store owners on a standard basis.
  • Shipping and payment Badges – Logos of acceptable payment partners including credit card companies as well as payment services such as PayPal or Stripe.
  • Security Seal – Security Seal Norton and McAfee have security seals to provide your customers with confidence that their information is safe when they shop on your website.


If you’re involved in Shopify e-commerce it is essential to have Shopify Trust Badges . If your checkout pages and product pages do not include this feature, then you’re losing out on sales. Shopify Trust Badges are a vital component of any online marketing strategy. Check out all of your competitors’ websites, and you’ll be sure to spot the badges floating all over.

It’s not necessary to spend a fortune for implementing this feature to your website. The choices of trust badge apps below are great options, and they’re all completely free to use. Have you ever had a time when you received something free and earned you more than you paid for it?

Try it out and download some Shopify trust badges to your website. Track your data and you’ll be able to discover how this improves your conversion rate over the next three or four weeks. Examine your monthly sales statistics and you’ll see a an important difference in the sales numbers.

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